Stalking pandemic life

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We are stalkers, we spend our lives observing people, spaces, even the smallest details.
Beauty is found in everything around us, however small or ordinary it may seem.

In this new brave world that we have been forced to live, a series of questions arise. But one especially is repeated over and over again. How to carry on with this life from 4 walls in a small apartment with few windows?

We debate between our previous lives, stalking our memories preserved in images that remind us that, beyond our 4 walls there is a whole world that wants to continue to be explored, observed. Although for the moment it is digitally.
And a new life, where the temples in India or the paradisiacal beaches of Thailand, are replaced by our neighbors hanging clothes, playing the guitar, having a barbecue.

This is a project open to anyone who wants to join us on a journey that has just begun.
Collecting, documenting all the possible images of that world that we normally do not pay attention to, because it is too normal, too ordinary, too close. But if we look closely, we will find that there is much to explore in pandemic wildlife.

Will you join us?

Note: This is a project within Microgalleries Collective